Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of August

1 Mrchozrout 194
2 CrusheR 149
3 Sibyla 37
4 Felisian 35
5 Gardal 32

Archers - Guide

Strong or weak (archer tutorial)

Many players think that archers are to weak to fight with any class, they are right and not in same time. Because if to try play archer like Spellhower range mage ofc archer will die in 90% of situations. But if to understand all plus and minus of class u will be deeply surprised how strong and dangerous he can be.

Advantages of archers:

-The biggest range of atack in the game
-Max critical Rate
-Very Good P.Atack
-Fast moving speed
-Strong archer party

Limitations of archers:

-Cant stand on one place and tank pvp
-not so much P.def M.def and Health
-is bad to have pvp in closed area
-Hard to farm solo (for solo farm is good to have a dagger)
-hard to play solo

+4str -4con
+1str -1con
+4dex -4con

Emergent ability - 6 times m.deff
Rogue Ability – Long shot
Enchanter Ability – Barrier
Warrioer Ability – Haste (for Human and Dark elf archer)
3rd subskill for elf archer depends of game style (resist trait,counter ud,Warr.haste)

Main targets of archer is robe and light sets characters. Always hit and run, try always be on max range ( on max range archers make biggest damage to enemy). Much mistake of most archers that they think stun shot is atack skill, no its more use for defense(when enemy coming closer to u). When u stand on max range and hit u cant use stun shot bcs its range 900 and archer have like 1200+ range(depends of buff and subskills)

Good classes to be in one party : All archers, Trickster, Soulhound, Judicator. Arcana Lord.

And in the end will say one more thing, the real power of archers u will feel only when u will play in archers party with Trickster and all will follow assist.